What is "IT"?

It is Intervention Therapy. It is a process that brings families together in times of an addiction crisis. A family member is dependent on mind altering substances and/or is exhibiting the in- ability to make good decisions.

As a result the family is torn apart and is seeking answers of "What can we do?"

"IT" can help you NOW.

It all begins with contacting us by calling:

Does "IT" Work For Everyone?

In most cases a "family intervention" results in the dependent family member going with the Intervention Therapist to a Licensed Medical Treatment Program. In most cases the dependent member enters treatment on the day of the intervention.

During the final intervention session, the Intervention Therapist is attempting, with the help of the family to raise the so called "bottom" of the dependent person and convince them that Treatment is necessary.

How Long Does "IT" Take?

An intervention requires planning by one member of the family and an Intervention Therapist. The Intervention Therapist will easily guide the family representative through the process. Because some families live a day or more from the dependent member's residence, it is important to allow at least 5 days after notifying the Intervention Therapist of your desire to engage in the Intervention Therapy procedure.

NOTE: There are some cases in severe emergencies that require immediate attention by an Intervention Therapist. Our referral staff of Experienced Intervention Therapists will respond to your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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